Uncompromisingly Chypre

The scent of spinning personalities, souls that wash away everything in their path.

Main notes
Chili - rose - osmanthus - patchouli

The olfactory signature
Night blooming jasmine, an Indian flower that builds bridges between the fresh, spicy and floral notes within this olfactory tornado.

A burst of citrus and a flurry of both hot and cool spices carry a rose of apricot-like velvet. In a hurricane of leaves, moss and wood, witness the breezy notes of patchouli, cistus and oak.

Paul Vacher first composed Bourrasque in 1937-1938. Rodrigo Flores-Roux then reinterpreted the fragrance while keeping in mind that it had initially been presented as “strong, strong, strong”. Inspired by the most emblematic chypre scents of the 20th century, he infused a level of modernity just as surprising as in its heyday, through his work with spices and wood.

A word from our perfumer
“Having known the original version of Bourrasque, I was easily swayed into reinventing it. I wanted to symbolise the strength of an autumn wind that carries all sorts of raw materials in its wake: flowers, spices, fruit, wood, mosses, all while leaving an enticing and fascinating trail.”

Rodrigo Flores-Roux

Complete olfactory pyramid
Top notes | Citrus, ginger, cardamom, chili, night blooming jasmine
Heart notes | Bulgarian rose, osmanthus, wild strawberry, styrax, opoponax
Base notes | Patchouli, oak moss, hyraceum, Spanish cistus, oak infusion.

Eau de Parfum – Natural Spray – 100ml

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