Unbridled musk

The entire history of musk captured in a single scent.

Main notes
Pink peppercorn, leather, musk, ambrette

The olfactory signature
Patchouli, with its discrete yet structuring aura, which pervades the musk with cocoa sensuality.

A composition which explores the different routes musk can take in perfumery. Starting off clean and innocent with an inviting pink peppercorn, a pleasant heat reveals itself little by little through leathery effects, mixed with vetiver and patchouli, calling back to this invaluable ingredient’s animal origin.

Musk sums up all of the paradoxes and evolution of perfumery by its very existence. Animalistic and dark, previously extracted from a small Asian deer, it has been taken apart and synthetically put back together to ensure the species’ survival since the mid-twentieth century, so that we may enjoy its clean and comforting smell today. Thus, Le Galion witnessed this shift from the old to the new musks, reconciled in this Esquive which pays tribute to both of them.

[a word from our perfumer]
“Today, musk is everywhere, but often as the main representative of a certain olfactory cleanliness. With Esquive, I wanted to tell its story, its carnal origin as well as its undeniably comforting scent.”

Jean-Christophe Hérault

Complete olfactory pyramid
Top notes | Clean linen accord, pink peppercorn, cashmeran
Heart notes | Leather, musk
Base notes | Ambrette, vetiver, patchouli

Eau de Parfum – Natural Spray – 100ml

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