Sang Bleu


Elite fougère

Illustriously clean, with so much just below the surface. Willingly masculine.

Main notes
Galbanum, lavandin, patchouli, leather

The olfactory signature
Pink peppercorn, which causes a gust of spiced wind that could make anyone blush.

A lively freshness with Cologne properties is projected by a blast of citrus and aromatics. The fougère accord appears with a powerful shot of geranium and lavandin. Between the lines, galbanum, jasmine, patchouli and leather add their shadowed textures and shades of passion.

Sang Bleu is the rebirth of a formula that Paul Vacher left unfinished while he was busy working on Eau Noble, in the early 70s. But here, the freshness receives a darker tone, almost animalistic. The decadence of the 1970s didn’t leave the Le Galion House unscathed, infusing this fragrance with unabashed masculinity.

A word from our perfumer
“Sang Bleu is the physical vibration which pulses underneath good manners. The tension is ever-present between this refined side, all aromatic freshness, and the more wild and husky facet, made from the animality of spices, jasmine, woods and musk.”

Jean-Christophe Hérault

Complete olfactory pyramid
Top notes | Galbanum, bergamot, pink peppercorn
Heart notes | Geranium, jasmine, lavandin
Base notes | Patchouli, leather, Sinfonide™

Eau de Parfum – Natural Spray – 100ml

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