Burst of freshness!

A splash, a dash of spontaneously elegant tonic freshness.

Main notes
Lemon, lavender, jasmine, oak moss

The olfactory signature
Cardamom and its cold spiced aroma, which adds another layer of refreshing energy.

This authentic Eau Fraîche opens with a bang, citrus and herbs flowing in an invigorating breeze. A jasmine veil spiced with cardamom softly sings a woody chypre melody.

Whip was created in 1953, just before the tidal wave of Eaux Fraîches (a more tenacious take on cologne) that other brands launched afterwards. At the time, men were still wary about wearing perfume, and thus Paul Vacher made sure to add a dash of masculine vigour to this incredibly fresh and easy-to-wear fragrance. Soon enough, women adopted it too, making it unisex.

A word from our perfumer
“Filled with lemony exhilaration, Whip is a swift strike of olfactory freshness. A generous helping of citrus gives it all the energy of a Cologne, as well as a dash of aromatic refinement through the lavender and tarragon. To strengthen the fragrance’s masculine aura and to make it stand the test of time, a base of wood and oak moss gives Whip a more settled structure.”

Thomas Fontaine

Complete olfactory pyramid
Top notes | Lemon, Calabrian bergamot, tarragon, lavender, cardamom
Heart notes | Jasmine, violet, iris, galbanum
Base notes | Oak moss, vetiver, patchouli

Eau de Parfum – Natural Spray – 100ml

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