Ava met the perfumer and owner of Le Galion, Paul Vacher who, dazzled by her, asked Ava to become an ambassador for and the face of Sortilège, a perfume tribute to extravagant parties and the signature scent of 1950s high society. After its incredible success, Ava asked Le Galion to compose a tailor-made fragrance just for her. The perfumer, valuing distinction and femininity, obliged and the custom Ava Gardner perfume would become L'Astre.

In 2022, Le Galion is now launching L'Astre, a contemporary rewrite of a formula that has remained private for decades. Working in collaboration with the Estate of Ava Gardner and her heirs who offer access to their archives, L'Astre captures and symbolizes the brilliance ofthese two great names of the 20th century, both of whose influence continues today.

Perfumer : Rodrigo Flores-Roux (Givaudan)
Olfactory family: Floral spicy amber

Olfactory pyramid
* Aromatic spicy accord : Grilled sweet fennel / Cardamom India / Red ginger Laos / Wild thyme Spain

* Symphonic floral accord : Jasmine absolute "vintage" / Ylang Ylang Comoros / Tuberose concrete India / Orange blossom Morocco

*Ambery balsamic accord : Amber / Suede / Tolu balsma Honduras / Vanilla bean Madagascar

“An elixir of opulence that sweeps away inhibitions and abolishes hesitations. A perfume that seeks - and certainly finds - the most complete attention. “L’Astre is a large, exuberant and magnetic floral. Its catchphrase is made of aphrodisiac spices to symbolize the burning gaze and maddening beauty of Ava Gardner. Then I worked on a spectacular floral accord - especially white flowers - to underline its impressive aura and wink at the grand bouquets of that era. Finally, the seductive number continues in the amber background, warm, enveloping and in my opinion borderline licentious…” Rodrigo Flores Roux - Perfumer ( Givaudan )

" The Ava Gardner Trust is happy to release L'Astre, Incendiary Star, in collaboration with the world renowned House of LeGalion. This release crystallizes the timeless and continuing relationship between Ava and LeGalion in a remarkable way. Reminiscent of the opulent fragrances of the Golden Age of Hollywood, this contemporary reformulation is a perfume Ava would wear; distinctive, warm, and inviting. It reminds me of the fragrances I remember Ava wearing. It is authentic Ava Gardner! ” _ Ava Thompson, Trustee

Eau de Parfum – 100 ml

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