Lily of the Valley


Spring green

The lily-of-the-valley, a classic symbol of happiness with a 21st-century twist.

Main notes
Starfleur™, rose, Ambroxan, Sinfonide™

The olfactory signature
Kharismal, also known as Hedione, which makes flowers bloom and reveals their natural beauty.

Lily of the Valley rises like a subtly humid spring breeze, leaving all its facets – whether floral, green or light – in its trail. Fresh touches of rose and jasmine complete this spring landscape, on a woody and musky base.

Lily of the Valley was composed in 1948, as if to bottle spring and symbolise rebirth after the war. A contemporary gaze could see Paul Vacher as a perfume pioneer, as the lily-of-the-valley became the star note in Diorissimo eight years later, in 1956. The formula for Lily of the Valley was restored in 2020 by Domittile Michalon-Bertier.

A word from our perfumer
“The lily-of-the-valley is a perfumer’s obsession, as this flower is not used in its natural state. This means it needs to be recreated with other ingredients. Paul Vacher was very fond of soliflores, and while I worked on this fragrance I imagined how much fun he must have had, picking from all the floral, fresh, musky, and woody palettes that science has bestowed upon our profession.”

Domitille Michalon-Bertier

Complete olfactory pyramid
Top notes | Starfleur™, Kharismal
Heart notes | Rose, indole
Base notes | Ambroxan, Ambertonic™, Sinfonide™

Eau de Parfum – Natural Spray – 100ml

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