Champs de Mai


Pink petals

A hopeful morning rose, for when the future looks bright.

Main notes
Apricot accord, Centifolia rose; Petalia®, ambroxan

The olfactory signature
The Rosyfolia® note, a molecule with a fruity rose fragrance which amplifies the floral radiance of the composition.

The ultimate fragrance of a May rose pairs with multiple nuances of floral freshness. Subtle fruity touches of apricot, grape and apple join a lily-of-the-valley note tinted with a woody ambroxan.

Champs de Mai is one of the House’s rare first creations, dating as far back as before Paul Vacher’s takeover. Spring blossoms and fields don their roses, under the auspicious May weather. In 2020, Quentin Bisch revisited the original formula to extract a fresh and timeless rose.

A word from our perfumer
“I emphasised the time of day, with the morning rose’s petals opening up to greet the world. The fascinating captives add a certain fruity vigour, while always remaining light. Paired with a generous hint of ambroxan, they make for an utterly rich, modern and diffusive composition.”

Quentin Bisch

Complete olfactory pyramid
Top notes | Apricot accord, Rosyfolia®, Pomarose®
Heart notes | Centifolia rose, Petalia®, Nympheal®
Base notes | Ambroxan

Eau de Parfum – Natural Spray – 100ml

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