COLOGNE is a beautiful olfactory interpretation of an imaginary meeting between Paul Vacher and Rodrigo Flores-Roux, sharing a cocktail and a cigar in the gardens of the Mansion house of Le  Galion on a summers afternoon in the shade of blossoming orange trees. Rodrigo Flores-Roux was inspired to create this olfactory portrait by both the thought of this deliciously ideal and  carefree moment :

- Bitter Orange / Bergamot / Lemon / Orange Blossom to represent the orange trees

- Juniper Berries / Angelica root for the Martini Cocktail

- Eau de  Brouts / Clary Sage to recall the smell of cigar ash

- Honeysuckle and Galbanum for the evocation of the gardens and the smell emanating from Ivy.

Eau de Parfum – 100 ml


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